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Niranjan C. Bhat
Honorary Adviser
Government of India
June 12, 2009

Hon. Prof. ( Dr. ) George Mentz, CEO / Dean / Board of Standards General Counsel and Attorney at Law,

The American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM) and
The American Academy of Project Management (AAPM)

Sub. : Letter of positive estimation for the AAPM & AAFM.

Dear Sir,

In presenting this letter, I bring you very warm greetings from the Hon. President of India Mrs. Pratibha Patil and Hon. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Government and the people of India. I must tell you that the pleasure of carrying out this simple yet important task is that much greater as the honor is from few friends and for whom I have the highest personal and professional regard.

Both AAPM & AAFM are unique having many certifications to offer only for the learned few who already have regular qualifications and earned experiences. I do understand its’ concept. For awarding the certifications of International Standards in Project Management and Financial Management (the highest in the world), the expert should take part in the decision of global projects and finances, demonstrate an originality of thinking and the creative approach, and defend the dissertation or examination on original projects and finances.

Dr. Mentz, India places the highest priority on its relations with the AAPM & AAFM. As an outstanding person with the big life experiences which can be used at the tackling of global projects and managing finances in India, I value highly my election to the Fellow grade of AAPM & AAFM and the Designation Certification -licenses of “MPM, MQM, MMC, CIPM, GPM, CPD and MFP” from AAPM & AAFM, as well as my fraternal relations with the fellow academicians, awardees, individual members, researchers, professors and patrons of AAPM & AAFM. Further, I am grateful for being inducted to the esteemed ‘Honorary Global Advisory Committee’ by AAPM & AAFM. The AAPM & AAFM Scholarship Initiative for the needy is impressive and very much appreciated. Please keep up this cause.

It is my belief that cultural, educational, economical, peaceful, scientific and social progress can only be achieved and sustained within the context of a healthy and vibrant AAPM & AAFM, and I remain committed to every action that will contribute to AAPM & AAFM’s health and success.

Truly yours’,

Dr. Niranjan C. Bhat
Honorary Adviser
Government of India

TUV Accredited

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